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Rekha Talukdar

Rekha Talukdar is reading class 9 in Champabati High School. In 2020 her father left her mother Rekha and her two elder brother and sister decided to live with her mother in Ganeshpara. It was not easy for her mother, Mala to take care of the children. It was also a big burden to think about their education too . On the other hand Rekha was very much interested in singing, dancing and other cultural activities but she did not get any scope for developing her interest. For the sake of the children Mala Talukdar engaged herself in housekeeping work in the locality. In the year 2021 after the Covid 19 havoc CFG had found Rekha . The family was living in a very pathetic condition in a small rented house. CFG took responsibility of Rekha’s education. After CFG’s intervention Rekha and her mother got some relief . She started to participating in all the cultural competition or activities . Eventually she was succedded .