Success Stories of CFG Children

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Biswajit Sil

While doing a survey in the Solapara area we came to know about a child who was missing for the previous six days and was living in a Solapara. The community there told us about this youngster. As soon as we saw Biswajit Pal, we brought him before the CWC and placed him in the Shisu Niwas children's home. After receiving counseling from Sishu Niwas, we came to know that he is from Pachim Chapaidong in Bonda after 11 day After receiving all the necessary paperwork from his parents and a confirmation visit from the rescue team to Biswajit Sil's home, we were able to reunite the boy with his family. We communicated with his parents and requested that they should look after his studies and to provide him love and care